Family Law

Our Family Law Group has a solid reputation within the legal community. We provide representation for negotiation, litigation, collaboration, arbitration, mediation, and independent legal advice. 

Our Family Law lawyers are ready to assist you with a number of issues, including: adoption, child support, common-law relationships, custody and access, divorce, domestic violence, grandparent’s rights, guardianship, international child abduction, child protection, property division, same-sex relationships, separation, spousal support and variations.

If you have a family law question or concern you will first meet with one of our family lawyers for an initial consultation. We will review the law and facts with you and provide our advice as to how best to proceed and at what cost. It will take about an hour. You will be charged a set fee based on the years of experience of the lawyer. You may choose but are not obligated to hire the lawyer for further services.

If you wish to schedule such a consultation, please contact us.

Family Law - Deeley Fabbri Sellen LLP - Family Law Winnipeg, Manitoba


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